Have control over your cash!


S.C. CASHNET S.A. is a trustworthy partner that offers three business sectors in the cash management area.

Cash in Transit

Through our national network formed of 15 cash in transit centers and the vehicle fleet of 130 armored cars, we offer operative, efficient and flexible solutions for collecting, transport and remitting of values. The quality of our services is also guaranteed by our 500 employee’s professional expertise.

Cash processing

The 7 national centers for cash processing, fitted with modern equipment and logistics, offer the possibility of processing values, according to the BNR regulations: RON, foreign currency and meal vouchers, as well as depositing these in maximum safety conditions in vaults with Vlll degree resistance for intrusions.

ATM services

We cover services for supply and discharge ATM’s, FLM type prompt interventions, executed by the Cashnet technicians, as well as offering assistance to the equipment suppliers in the cases of SLM’s. According to client’s needs we develop services for total administration of ATM’s (cash monitor and service).


Our customers and partners are at the center of everything we do!

The company was founded in 2009 under the name of Konsalnet Security, as a part of the Konsalnet Holding Group in Poland and its local branch in Romania. In February 2015, following the change in ownership structure, Konsalnet Security became Cashnet. With major investments in infrastructure and manpower, the company quickly became one of the dominant players on the Cash management market, thus becoming today the third biggest private operator of cash processing, on national level. Our customers’ needs and the desire of being a trustworthy partner, always offering a win-win relationship, are the traits that governed our business. Our company is built on integrity, trust and security, so we are committed to serving at best our client’s needs, to offer prompt and safe services and to continuously improve our services in all aspects. We are a company in full ascension which can only be a guarantee of the fact that we rise at the level of expectation of our clients.

  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Promptitude